Fleet Management
At a time of ever growing complexity of fleet management, of propagating transparency by the market players while customers experience exactly the contrary, at a time in which not only costs matter but also legal implications of performing or abstaining - at this time you will truely benefit from our experience.


Optimized Costs and Maximum Comfort for your Fleet

Based on more than twenty years of market experience we ensure state-of-the art full service in consulting and controlling your fleet. Our focus is on your requirements. We know all the hidden costs of your fleet and we are fully conversant with the relevant administrative steps necessary e.g. for car registration. We are also independent from other companies and service providers. And you can be assured that we are geared to optimize your fleet.

Professional attitude, transparency, and efficiency are of paramount importance to us as our previous experience shows: We can prove our services best when you hardly notice them. We operate like clockwork with absolute precision.

Thomas Fürth, Managing Director of T.F-uhrpark-Consulting GmbH

Our Services

Fleet Management

We organize and look after the whole fleet in order to enable you to concentrate on your core business. You will benefit from low costs along with a high degree of mobility. We operate independently and flexibly while offering maximum transparency and comfort.

Owner Liability

As the car owner, companies have multiple obligations, e.g. regular checks of the licences of all drivers in order to minimize liability risks. We use software solutions such as our electronic driving licence checks to minimize your expenses.

End of Lease

Upon end of lease, possible damages might result in additional charges. Our solutions reduce your financial risk. As a fair mediator between both sides we take care for a mutually beneficial solution for a long-term cooperative partnership.

Claim Management

We take on the entire claim management process – e.g. managing the repairs and the communication with the insurance company. Moreover, we ensure the mobility of your drivers.


However, if you want to make sure that your cars are at the right place at the right time - twenty-four-seven - we are the right choice. Needless to say that we organize the whole process – from digital record keeping to driver instruction.